Monday, April 14, 2014

Best And Worst Songs

From Phil Mershon at CNet comes this amusing perspective:

Marketing in social media is like bathing in mud.

They tell you it works, but the glow wears off very quickly.

This doesn't mean, however, that conferences aren't convened to discuss new techniques or fine restaurants for dinner. This doesn't mean that new methods aren't swiftly deemed infallible or that gurus don't sprout like grass after rain.

It is inevitable, therefore, that they'd sing about it.

I am grateful to PR man and Inc columnist Ed Zitron for first propagating this video, proudly peddled at Social Media Marketing World.

This, you will be moved to hear, was billed as: "Social Media's Mega Conference."

It may well have been entirely mega. However, when attendees were subjected to a megaphonic rendition of a song called "Let's Get Social," I wonder if they felt their own sociability was being severely challenged.

For here were lyrics that included:

I'm showing you things you'll like

Trying to get engagement

Here's some photos from my life

My cat, my kids, some bacon

This song was, according to the sleeve notes on YouTube, "a warm-up for a keynote panel led by Jay Baer (Convince & Convert) on the topic of 'Have We Lost the Social in Social Media?'"

I wonder whether, on hearing this complex ditty, attendees muttered that we'd lost the "melody" from "melodious" and the "sane" from "sanity."

This was billed on YouTube as "a humor-laced theme song."

Not every joke comes across as it might. I leave you, therefore, to bathe in this masterpiece that has kept me awake for the last 48 hours.

I also leave you with another verse from this seminal work:

We're looking for the secret

Of Facebook's Holy Grail

We try to keep from paying

That leads to hashtag #fail

Yep, it's really that awful.  She definitely referenced the correct hashtag!  Here's the song in question so you can experience it for yourself:

I think my favorite part is the monotoned "social" that the bald guy keeps interjecting, and the fact that the audience isn't participating with him.  I'm pretty sure a lot of them are thinking about how this song is going to go up on YouTube and permanently mark them as part of something terrible.

Just to cleanse the palate, my kids showed me this one a while back.  For some reason the above video made me think of it, though there are some obvious differences.  You know, like production quality, performance skill, and talent...

Happy Monday!

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