Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It would be hard to find any worse reading of the Super Bowl than my blog post from Sunday afternoon!  Oh well.  :)

I'm glad the Broncos lost, but disappointed for Manning. It wasn't remotely close to an even (or exciting) game; in fact, it was over 12 seconds into the second half, and pretty much everyone knew it.  Boo.  Manning somehow managed to set a record for the most completions in a Super Bowl, but you'd never know it by the scoreboard, another missed prediction on my part.  The Seahawks' defense was all over him all night, and he didn't have the time to really let his receivers do what they needed to do.  Even when he did deliver the ball, the Legion of Boom crushed them promptly.  Wilson was able to engineer some good drives and get the lead early (this was pretty much the only thing I got right), and it was all downhill from there.  It was clear that Seattle executed far, far better all night long.

I know Smith had a good game and made some key plays, but I think the MVP should have gone to Russell Wilson.  His stats compared favorably to previous MVP quarterbacks, he was cool under pressure, and he led the Seahawks to the victory.  Game manager nothing, he owned that game.  It's a shame his performance wasn't rewarded as it should have been.

I thought the commercials were pretty lame for the most part. Very few generated actual laughs, and none were particularly memorable.  If there was any overriding feeling for the night, it was tugging at heart strings - Budweiser, Chevrolet, and at least a couple others had some pretty good "awww..." moments, but that was about it.

On balance, it was a pretty disappointing event, and not a great way to end the football season.


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