Sunday, February 2, 2014

It's A Football Kinda Day...

Since you're undoubtedly in a football mood, here's a quick suggestion to check out a fun football app called "Vs. Football."  It's available for both iOS and Android, and it's free to play.  Feel free to send me an invitation once you download it - I'll take on any challengers!  :)

The company who made it, Engage Mobile, has put together some printable games you can use as you watch the Super Bowl today - check them out here.


I always feel bittersweet about Super Bowl Sunday.  It's exciting, of course, and the pinnacle of the football season, but it also means we enter into what I consider the "long darkness" of the spring and summer in terms of sports.  *sigh*  Oh well, it happens every year; we'll survive again.

Anyway, here are my thoughts on the game in no particular order.  I can't stand the Broncos.  Truly, I can't.  They bug me.  I've always thought of them as a bunch of whiney divas, and that hasn't changed.  I always root for them to lose.  On the other hand, I really like Peyton Manning.  I think he's truly a role model in so many ways, and if he doesn't exemplify the quest for excellence in himself and those around him, no one does.  I really hope he wins, as I feel that his play this year has been outstanding and the only way to really cap it off is with a Super Bowl ring.  In terms of team vs. team, I like the Seahawks better.  In terms of character and personality, I like Manning (though from what I hear, Russell Wilson is another genuinely good role model and filled with integrity himself).  All things being equal, I have a slight leaning toward Denver, though I won't be terribly disappointed with a Seahawks win, either.  Regardless, I am definitely hoping for an exciting game and a last-minute come-from-behind epic win.

What will actually happen?  No clue.  It seems safe to say that Manning will be Manning, and the Broncos will score some points.  But, the Seahawks' defense is really, really good, and will cause anyone problems, so I don't see a runaway Broncos victory in the cards.  The Seahawks' D has done a great job of getting turnovers in the playoffs, so I think they will keep things within reach until the end.  It only takes one big play for an offense to score, but a defense has to be on point each and every down, so this would seem to favor the Broncos, but only slightly.  To me, it seems that the bigger question is that of how the Broncos' defense and the Seahawks' offense fare.  If Wilson can engineer some solid drives and bust a few big plays, they should be in good shape.  In particular, if they can manage to get ahead early it will allow the defense to take some risks they might not normally take and possibly make some big plays to ratchet up the pressure.  On the other hand, if the Broncos' defense can stifle Wilson & Co. and let Manning take a comfortable lead, things could go badly for the Seahawks.

As always, it really comes down to who executes the best.  Both teams are excellent, and both have earned their way into the Super Bowl.  Ultimately, those who play the best when the pressure is highest are the ones who can be called "great," and I think that Manning's experience, poise, and already demonstrated greatness will be the advantage that wins the day.

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