Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz's Epic Filibuster On Obamacare

I haven't blogged about politics for a long time.  Honestly, the bottom line is that I haven't felt like it's been worth the time and effort.  However, less than a week out from the implementation from the largest debacle and fundamental transformation in the history of America -- the full force and effect of Obamacare being implemented -- I simply cannot stand silent.  Much, much more will be coming very soon.

For now, check out the fascinating action on the floor of the Senate at the moment - go here.

The nutshell: The House passed a bill to fund the federal government except for Obamacare, effectively shutting down its implementation temporarily (though a repeal would have to come later in a completely separate effort).  They're basically trying to force the issue of showing they're not trying to shut down the government (which the Democrats will certainly accuse them of), just trying to shut down Obamacare, which is a bill that a growing number of Americans don't want (something like 60% now, and only 12% of which think it will improve health care in America).  The vote is scheduled for 1pm Eastern time today.

Senator Ted Cruz has been making a speech for 20+ hours now, reading letters from constituents, offering evidence of the damage Obamacare is going to do (and, truly, has already done) to this nation, and various and sundry other things that are often found in filibusters.  Right now Cruz is debating with Senator Dick Durbin, the 2nd in command of the Democrat majority.  Durbin is a snake, is dodging valid questions that Cruz is throwing at him, and is throwing out straw men left and right.

It's actually pretty fascinating to watch live...

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