Friday, September 27, 2013

Senate Moves Forward On Implementing Obamacare Despite Strenuous Objections From America

The Senate just voted for cloture 79-19 on the House CR (continuing resolution) that defunds Obamacare while funding everything else to prevent a shutdown.  This means the debate is done and the vote on the actual bill moves forward.  Here's what will happen over the next couple of days.

Senate Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid will push the vote forward on the bill.  It will pass.  Keep in mind that Reid is one of the most powerful people in the Democrat party, and wholly supportive of Obamacare.  Why, then, would he rapidly push forward on a bill that removes funding for his own President's signature piece of legislation, one that he genuinely wants?  The answer is simple, and if you read my previous post you already know.

After the House bill passes the Senate, Reid will offer a single amendment to the bill that removes the provision to defund Obamacare.  This will only require 51 votes to pass, which means it's guaranteed due to there being 54 Democrat Senators.  And voila!  The Democrats have fully funded the government, including Obamacare.

Just watch.

More updates later...

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  1. your uncle dan is the fortunate one....he doesn't have to deal with any of this....ever