Saturday, September 21, 2013

Double Face Palm

I realize this is close to committing a sacrilege in the Purple Nation, but...I'm questioning what Bill Snyder is doing.  Why did the Cats burn 3+ minutes off the clock on that last drive when they still needed two scores?  Why were they snapping the ball with just 3-5 seconds left on the play clock over and over?  Last time I checked, even if KSU scored a touchdown, they'd still have to STOP Texas and get the ball back in order to have a chance at scoring again, and no one watching any part of this game would have put money down on a 3-and-out for the Wildcat D.  Complete wastage, and very stupid.  That was some of the WORST clock management I've ever seen.

Even worse: why did he call multiple running plays on that drive?  The running game was sketchy at best (translation: it sucked, with one or two exceptions), but the passing game was working just fine.  Why keep at it when you're out of time and need lots of points in a hurry?  Waters can scamper to recover from busted plays, sure, but his game is the passing game.  He's demonstrated over and over that he's got the arm, the accuracy, and the presence to PASS.  Why, then, are we running the stupid OPTION over and over?  Not only did it NOT WORK, but it kept the clock running!!!

Mental errors, turnovers, penalties, stupidity.  What is going on?

This is not vintage Bill Snyder.  And it has now cost the Wildcats two losses to teams that were very beatable.  And, I'll be's bad enough to lose, but to lose to a bunch of prima donna halfwits at Texas who have given up something like 10,000 yards over the past two weeks is doubly inexcusable.

Let me formally revise my pre-season prediction: I'm now expecting no better than 6-7 wins, and staggering back into a mid-December bowl game will be a great achievement for this team.  There are problems here, many, many problems...and not just with the players.  I truly never thought I'd be saying that as long as Bill Snyder was at the helm.

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