Saturday, November 17, 2012

Now THAT'S An Implosion

I find it hard to believe that a team as mentally tough as this one seems to have crumpled like paper mache once the #1 ranking was at stake, but I'm not sure what else can explain this.  Injuries?  Sure, that makes a difference, but everyone has to deal with injuries at this point in the year.  A bunch of blown officiating?  Perhaps, but what's done is done.  Mostly, it was just a total failure to show up.  There wasn't one aspect of this game that was #1 quality, or anything close.  This was a summary destruction at the hands of a team that had previously beaten only one team -- Kansas, of all people -- in the Big 12 this year.  Losing a close one to a top-10 team is one thing; this was pathetic and inexcusable.

So, let's chuck this one into the Forget It Really Fast bin and start looking toward Texas next week.  Don't forget that with a win over the Longhorns, KSU clinches at least a share of the Big 12 title, which is a massive accomplishment in itself.  I don't know about most KSU fans, but if you would have offered me the chance to accept a one-loss season, a Big 12 Championship, and a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, I'd have taken it in a heartbeat.  Of course, with OU squeaking out a win over West Virginia tonight, the Cats had better make it a convincing win over Texas, or it's very possible (maybe even likely) that the Sooners would get the Fiesta invite, especially given the Wildcats' downward trend of late.  A sound win over another ranked team would do wonders to shore up the bowl bid prospects.

Oh, and Collin Klein's chances at winning the Heisman can be chucked, too.  Maybe there really is something about that Sports Illustrated cover curse...

Ugh.  What an awful, awful night.  The only thing worse would be to follow it up with an even more awful Chiefs game tomorrow...oh wait...

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