Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Feel Like Being Naked Online?

You're about to.  Big Brother is on his way and will arrive within a matter of days, if a bill currently in the U.S. Senate becomes law.  No more online privacy for you!

CNet reports (emphasis mine):

A Senate proposal touted as protecting Americans' e-mail privacy has been quietly rewritten, giving government agencies more surveillance power than they possess under current law.

CNET has learned that Patrick Leahy, the influential Democratic chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, has dramatically reshaped his legislation in response to law enforcement concerns. A vote on his bill, which now authorizes warrantless access to Americans' e-mail, isscheduled for next week.

Leahy's rewritten bill would allow more than 22 agencies -- including the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Federal Communications Commission -- to access Americans' e-mail, Google Docs files, Facebook wall posts, and Twitter direct messages without a search warrant. It also would give the FBI and Homeland Security more authority, in some circumstances, to gain full access to Internet accounts without notifying either the owner or a judge. (CNET obtained the revised draft from a source involved in the negotiations with Leahy.)

Make no mistake - this isn't a political thing, as you can see from the fact that these reports are coming from tech organizations like CNet and Gizmodo.  This isn't a Republican/Democrat thing, either, since there will likely be support from both sides of the aisle.  No, the reality is that this is all about the privacy of you, your family, and anyone you know who has any account or activity anywhere on the Internet being stripped away by the government...without any oversight or justification whatsoever.  I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust that kind of power to a President and a Congress made up entirely of people I personally hand-picked, much less the corrupt chuckleheads currently in Washington!

This is, quite simply, the American people versus the American government, and they're looking to stack the deck against us.

Look up the two Senators from your state here, and give them a call or send an email (more than one if you're so inclined).  Tell them this bill is an overreach of government power, and that it shouldn't become law.  Then forward this information to as many people as you can.  A massive uprising of people from both the Left and the Right is the only thing standing between your online privacy and the full legal force of the U.S. government.

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