Friday, September 14, 2012

More Violence Against The US

We now know the attack in Libya was a coordinated attack by hundreds of Muslims using the cover of the movie protests as a distraction, and was designed to do exactly what it did - kill the US Ambassador.  As we learn more about the movie itself, it sounds like the filmmaker did some dubbing of audio over the original scripted words, making it much more inflammatory after the fact; he was also using a false identity and is now nowhere to be found.

Nevertheless, as predicted, the utter lack of a strong response is leading to more violence against the US.  A sample of the headlines at this time shows the following:

Egypt intelligence warns of attacks on Israel, US embassies
Mob Gathers Outside U.S. Embassy in London
Protesters smash windows, set fires in U.S. embassy in Tunis
Protestors breach U.S. embassy compound in Sudan
Protesters arrested at U.S. Consulate in Chennai, India

The embassy in Libya was warned several days ahead of time, but nothing was done to prevent the attacks.

But it's not just overseas:
Threat made to Valparaiso University campus
UT bomb threat deadline passed, evac continues
Universities in Fargo and Texas evacuated after bomb threats

It is unclear whether these are all related to terrorism, but the person who called in the bomb threat at UT claimed to be a member of Al Qaeda, so it's not an unreasonable suggestion.

All this comes as a shock to liberals because they genuinely believe that being nice to radical Islamists will make them friendly.  Obama directed his foreign policy from day one to be Muslim-friendly.  He warped NASA's mission to focus on Muslim relations instead of space, he supported the Arab Spring that saw those in power in Libya and Egypt topple last year, and he has made it a habit of supporting and endorsing Muslim holidays and events over his time in office.  He shuns Israel while meeting with Muslim leaders.  In one of his few official statements about the current debacle he said that Egypt wasn't an ally...and was promptly countered by the State Department who said that they were (which they are, or at least have been until the Arab Spring tossed out the US-friendly guy last year).  To top it all off, Michelle Obama is out there saying that the biggest national security risk is actually -- wait for it... -- obesity.

The bottom line is that things are spiraling out of control due to an utter lack of competence and seriousness on the part of the Obama administration.  

Who, by the way, is currently campaigning in Las Vegas.  He hasn't bothered to attend most of his security briefings -- and not a single one for the week prior to the Libya attack -- because he's too smart for them, according to the mainstream media Obama propaganda team.  Clearly.  In fact, Romney's the only one who's taking questions and looking Presidential right now.

This is just another illustration that Obama and his policies are dangerous and disastrous for America in many ways, not just economic but also from a security perspective.

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