Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why The Stimulus Failed

Very interesting stuff:
President Obama’s economic stimulus was supposed to revive America’s economy and put people back to work. But nearly three years after Democrats rammed the bill through Congress, it’s a clear-cut failure.
The nation’s 8.6 percent unemployment rate stands out as one of consequences. Then there is the high-profile Solyndra scandal and countless other government schemes gone awry.

In a new video from, Jim Epstein takes a closer look at other examples...

Although the sound bytes included lots of platitudes about 'putting people back to work' and 'jobs, jobs, jobs,' these stimulus bills were never intended to actually reduce unemployment in the private sector or stimulate the economy.  The real purpose included:

1. shoveling money toward particular constituencies that support liberal policies and politicians like Obama
2. increasing the size of government (knowing it is extremely unlikely to ever be rolled back)
3. increasing dependency on government

Remember...with liberals, it's always about money and control.  This video sheds some light on some particular aspects of the stimulus failure, but it's only an examination of the big picture where we really begin to understand the deceitful and nefarious nature of the thing.

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