Friday, December 30, 2011

Top Heritage Charts Of 2011

This is some awesomely good stuff!  The Heritage Foundation is definitely the conservative's treasure chest when it comes to putting facts and numbers behind our ideological arguments.  Some outstanding examples from just the past year:

A liberal Keynesian economist will tell you that all is well as long as we manage this debt properly (I know this for a fact because I've actually been told this by a liberal Keynesian economist).  It's funny how they think that we can sustain what even they will admit is an unsustainable level of debt indefinitely, isn't it?

Anyway, in my humble opinion, that's simply shoving one's head so far under the sand that there is no hope of ever seeing daylight again.  It's wishful thinking.  It's choosing not to live in the real world.  Sure, things may have been worse during WWII, but does that give us an excuse for returning to that historic pinnacle of economic danger?  Also, the reason things were that grave in the mid-1940s is because we as a nation sold out to win and went into a period of hyper-productivity.  Are we doing that now?  Hardly.  In fact, America 2011 is doing almost exactly the opposite - destructive regulations and liberal policies are preventing productivity at every turn, shutting down energy production, requiring miles of red tape for new product development, taxing the momentum out of the few businesses that are actually expanding, and so on.

I can manage my equilibrium and stay level for quite some time while falling from an airplane, but it's a certainty that I'm going to eventually hit the ground.  Economics works the same way, and eventually America is going to hit the economic ground.  The question is whether or not we have unfurled the parachute at that point.

Clearly, what we've been doing isn't working, and a drastic change needs to occur.  I once heard a guy say that it takes a distance of 5 miles for an aircraft carrier to change direction, so you have to plan ahead.  The longer we wait to begin our national economic direction change, the more likely it will be that we'll have a full-speed impact with the shore.

Then again, after the past couple of years, maybe we're already there.  Unfortunately, the people currently in charge keep backing up and ramming ahead with the same failed policies that have been used in the past...

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