Sunday, December 4, 2011

Re-Match? No Thanks

Just for the record: no one outside of Louisiana, Alabama, and the offices of ESPN wants to see LSU-Alabama for the BCS Championship, especially given that we've already seen it...and it was hideously boring.

- OSU has beaten more teams over .500 than Alabama
- OSU has beaten more ranked teams than Alabama
- OSU won its league; Alabama didn't even win its own division
- OSU lost 1 away game in double overtime just days after a plane crash killed two OSU women's basketball coaches; Alabama lost 1 game at home after playing shoddy offense and missing 4 field goals
- 80% of voters in a blind ESPN poll chose OSU as the most worthy team to play LSU based on their actual accomplishments this season rather than their name

If the poll voters lock out OSU, I expect a great deal of outrage at both the poll voters and the SEC.  They're a great conference, and one of their number has been the champ for the last several years, but don't forget that the Big 12 has the same number of teams ranked in the top 25 as the SEC right now (6), and the kind of arrogance the SEC regularly displays -- not to mention the tedious and obvious pro-SEC shilling by ESPN all day yesterday -- will only last as long as their dominance is undisputed.  OSU laid down a heckuva dispute last night, so I wouldn't be surprised if a fair bit of anti-SEC reared its head, and I wouldn't be surprised if the TV ratings for that game were lower than normal, either.  Remember how the NFL playoffs always seem to steal the thunder of the BCS Championship?  Now, just imagine how little attention an uncompelling rematch of two SEC teams is going to generate.  Fzzzt.

Oh, and I pity the team that faces OSU.

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