Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obama Jokes About Continuing Economic Woes

I hate to sound like a broken record, but given that the single most important issue in essentially every election for the past half century has turned on the economy, it's something that needs to be covered thoroughly. Oh, also, it has a drastic effect on real people in the real world, so it's something of interest to a lot of people. So, here we go.

First, the situation. Here are a few headlines just to give you a flavor of how things are right now:

It's hard to imagine things getting a whole lot least, until a sudden catastrophe hits (i.e. widespread natural disaster, successful terrorist attack, etc.). Still, it's even harder to understand Obama's latest strategery on how to handle this obvious economic tanking. It's a two-part saga of awesomeness that you really have to see to believe:

It's the ATM's fault

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Oy, oy, oy. Does he really expect people to believe this tripe? Apparently so. But it gets even worse...

Not quite as 'shovel-ready' as we expected
Really? That's what you're going to go with? Unemployment has remained well above his promised result for years now, and he's laughing it off in the name of a big oopsie? Please oh please, start campaigning now, Mr. President!

Speaking of unemployment, let's go back to the original chart showing what Obama and his team promised America if they passed his almost-trillion-dollar 'stimulus' into law (which they did), and what has actually happened since then:

As you can plainly see, the results of Obama's 'stimulus' plan have turned out worse than what they themselves projected if we did nothing back in 2008. This is liberalism in the real world, people. It always fails because it is based on ideologically driven willful ignorance that results in a faulty understanding of how the real world works.

Fortunately, the American people seem to be wising up. A full 31% expect things to get worse over the next year. Probably because they know Obama will be in the White House for at least the next year, if you ask me!

In the middle of all this, it is also worth noting that the one sector that has shown consistent growth -- a fabulous 7%, in fact -- over this same timeframe is unions. Hm, let's see...unions spend tens of millions of dollars getting Obama elected and threaten/bludgeon anyone who opposes him...and Obama ensures that unions see robust growth despite a tanking economy. No, there's no correlation here...

There is no standard by which Obama's policies on the economy aren't a failure. Let's once again look to history to compare objectively:

But it's all the GOP's fault, of course. I really, really hope they go with that as their 2012 campaign mantra because it'll make for some tremendously entertaining debates and another huge landslide for our side. The reality is that under Democrat 'leadership' we're heading into our third straight year of over-$1 trillion deficits. No Republican that I know of ever came close to touching that level of deficit spending! This economy belongs to Obama and the Democrats, pure and simple.

This is not just an economic issue, either. It's a national security one. When the bank owns your house, are you ever really safe? No. If you fail to make payments, or if they decide they need your house for anything that better serves their interests, it's their house. You're out. Same goes here - with the amount of debt America has racked up -- which has risen almost exponentially in the past couple of years -- can we really be secure about anything? No. Is it any wonder that a majority of Americans view the government as a threat to their rights and freedoms rather than a protector of them?

There's really only one way to describe what Obama and liberal Democrats have done to America: EPIC FAIL.

The sooner Obama and his liberal Democrat allies are thrown out of power, the sooner this nation can actually go about the business of recovering. Until they're gone, the reality is that it simply isn't going to happen.

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