Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here's What I Do All Day Long

According to my official job description, I do technical configurations and quotes for IT hardware and software.  That's a glamorous (haha) way of saying I tell people what computer stuff they need to buy and how much it will cost them.  In reality, most of my day is spent on things like this instant message conversation:

End User...Hey Brandon - Doc# 12345, In my quote I had asked for 4 nics and 2 fiber cards, on the quote it appears as if the order includes 4 fiber cards?
Brandon J. Carls...You wanted 4 NIC ports and two fiber ports per server, right? 
    Or did you want 4 NIC ports and 2 fiber ports total (so 2 NIC and 1 fiber per server)? 
End User...that is correct
Brandon J. Carls...Which? 
End User...4 nics and 2 fiber 
Brandon J., or per server? 
End User...thats per server

It may seem hard to believe, but we were both speaking English the whole time!  Hey, why answer in one response what you could stretch out to three?


Truly, it's the end users that make this job so awesome.  And oh, by the way...who's on first?

Yes, exactly!

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