Thursday, April 7, 2011

Would Taking From The Rich Actually Solve Anything?

Okay, let's dig into the economy. We'll get to the budget battle in Washington soon enough, but we first must dispel the sheer idiocy of the notion that simply equalizing the unequal distribution of wealth in America would 'fix' anything. As usual, Bill Whittle provides a fantastic and illuminating illustration of just how wrong that notion is:

The amount of debt that years and years of irresponsible Congresses led to a $9 trillion debt. Four years of Democrat Congressional leadership and, after Barack Obama was elected President, two years of nothing but liberals in charge has accelerated that debt to a staggering $14 trillion. But, as you can see, even stealing 100% of the wealth from a vast array of both private and corporate 'rich' will barely cover the debt for one year, and there's no way it would provide sustainable economic viability for the future. Remember, you can only steal the wealth from the wealthy once.

Now that we've established the baseline, we'll move on to discussing the battle currently being fought in Washington. Stay tuned, it's a doozy...

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