Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let The Ad Wars Begin!

The first campaign ad of the 2012 campaign was recently released by the Obama administration. Yeah, I know, it's crazy that we're already at that point...but it's the good kind of crazy! The sooner we vote again, the sooner we can actually fix and rebuild what's been broken and destroyed over the past couple of years. Anyway, in this day and age of streaming video, smartphones, and instant broadband Internet via wi-fi, video ads are becoming increasingly important, so let's check out the first one:

Hm. There seems to be something missing from this ad. Something pretty critical to any re-election campaign. You know, like, the candidate...? Why leave out the man who all of these people are going to be working to re-elect? Hmmm...

Also, what moron decided on the campaign name, "It begins with us"? Begins?! What do you call what they've been doing since November 2008? Warming up? (As a matter of fact, yes, I think they probably do - they've been laying as much ground work as possible for a permanent dependent, union-controlled, government-run socialist state, and once that's finished it's just a matter of letting it roll on down the road...!)

Anyway, here's the response:

I like it. It reminds the viewer of the effects of the past couple years, and places the cause squarely where it belongs: Barack Obama and his policies.

Of course, the parodies are never far behind the real thing, and often strike more willingly at the core truth:

Brilliantly done!

Much more on the economy coming up soon. There's a massive battle brewing, and it's one that every American should know about.

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