Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rather than hit a single topic in this post, I thought I'd circle around and touch on a bunch of things that really help illustrate just how far apart Barack Obama and radical leftist liberals like him are from most normal Americans. Take a look for yourself, first in some major policy areas.

When Barack Obama took office on the mantle of Hope and Change, one of the first moves he and his Democratic allies in Congress made was to shut down the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program to new students. Despite a track record of sterling success in moving children in low-income families from failing public schools and giving them a chance at academic success — and a brighter future — Democrats cut funding to the DCOSP and consigned the children of the District of Columbia to the public-school monopoly. ... the office of Speaker John Boehner reminds us that the budget passed by House GOP will restore the program in the SOAR Act, and that Senator Joe Lieberman has a similar provision in the upper chamber ... [and] as happened before Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid pulled the plug on actual Hope and Change.


Two years into its pledge to improve government transparency, the Obama administration took action on fewer requests for federal records from citizens, journalists, companies and others last year even as significantly more people asked for information. The administration disclosed at least some of what people wanted at about the same rate as the previous year.

People requested information 544,360 times last year under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act from the 35 largest agencies, up nearly 41,000 more than the previous year, according to an analysis by The Associated Press of new federal data. But the government responded to nearly 12,400 fewer requests.

The administration refused to release any sought-after materials in more than 1-in-3 information requests, including cases when it couldn't find records, a person refused to pay for copies or the request was determined to be improper under the law. It refused more often to quickly consider information requests about subjects described as urgent or especially newsworthy. And nearly half the agencies that AP examined took longer — weeks more, in some cases — to give out records last year than during the previous year.

The government's responsiveness under the Freedom of Information Act is widely considered a barometer of how transparent federal offices are.

Now that's hope and change!

For the second time in eighteen months, the Obama administration has been caught making a $2-trillion error in its deficit projections, this time attached to its latest budget proposal. The CBO yesterday released a report showing that the White House far overstated economic growth and blew the whistle yet again on ObamaCare projections ...

The findings in this puncture two myths perpetrated by Barack Obama. First, ObamaCare is not “deficit neutral” in the first ten years, let alone constitutes a savings over the decade. That was true even before the “doctor fix,” but the suspension of reductions in payments that came later sends ObamaCare well into red ink. Next, the White House is inflating future revenue projections in order to protect its plans for expanded federal spending. The difference in this case comes to $400 billion in year 10 of the projections, a difference that almost equals the worst total budget deficit under George W. Bush.

The first $2 trillion math error in the summer of 2009 was extraordinary enough. No administration in my recollection has ever had to issue a $2 trillion correction to its fiscal projections, and that should have resulted in resignations at the time from Obama’s economic team. A second such “error” in less than two years either indicates extraordinary incompetence, or something more deliberate in action at the White House.

Unfortunately for him, Americans know it. Less than a third of likely American voters now give Barack Obama good marks on the economy, and almost half say the opposite.

Now let's look at Obama's philosophy. What drives him? Is it the same thing that drives you and me?

Teleology is a world view that says that the world makes sense, and must work in a way which is intellectually and esthetically pleasing to humans. It assumes a mind-body duality and places the mind, the spiritual, above the body and the physical. If an idea is pleasing then it must be true, for ultimate truth will always be pleasing.

That isn’t really how teleology began, but that’s what it’s become in the modern era. Modern transnational progressivism is, at its core, based on that rather warped and degenerate version of teleology at a deep, a priori level. It may seem strange to talk about the “spiritual” when talking about a movement which prides itself in being secular, but progressivism embraces many contradictions.

To a teleologist, the way you stop war is to put a sticker on your car that says “Imagine world peace”. If enough people just want it enough, it’ll happen. Indeed, anything is possible if you just want it enough. You can power modern industrial civilization exclusively using “green” energy, for instance. If it isn’t happening, it’s the fault of all the people who refuse to get on board to help with the wanting.

To a teleologist, socialism is obviously the way things should be. The ideal socialist utopia is such a pleasing image that it must be the way to go. Never mind that every time socialism has been tried, it has always failed badly; empirical results don’t matter to a teleologist.

As a true man of the left, our president is fundamentally teleological, and this is the explanation for a lot of things about him that people find puzzling. Again and again, Obama makes speeches about how important some thing is, but doesn’t seem to do anything about them. But that’s not puzzling if you realize that to a teleologist,wanting something is doing something.

This can be seen in essentially every policy initiative. Global warming? He wants 'green' measures to be effective and change it, so therefore...they do. He wants peace in the Middle East, so therefore...there will be. He wants redistribution of wealth to make a nation more wealthy overall, so therefore...it does. Never mind that reality says precisely the opposite. He's a teleologist, so all he needs to do is want it badly enough...and it'll magically happen.

It explains a heckuva alot, doesn't it? And yes, it is completely frightening that these people are in charge.

In Barack Obama's economy, it appears as if making a philosophical point is worth the loss of American lives. For example, in an appeal to the gay lobby, Obama mandated that, in the midst of war, our military be purposely distracted from the pressing issue of defeating the Taliban by giving precedence to gay sensitivity training on the battlefield.

In addition, the President of the United States seems committed to strengthening America's enemies by ignoring the true motives of those whose intent is to do us harm. On more than one occasion, after military personnel were murdered in cold blood by "Allahu Akbar"-screaming terrorists, Obama -- careful not to be offensive to Islam -- refused to refer to terrorism as such. Instead, rather than condemn the obvious, an emotionless Obama called an act of holy war a "horrific outburst of violence," leaving the judgment of jihadists to formal inquiry.

North Korea and Pakistan are nuked up. Iran and even Venezuela are careening in that direction. China and Russia, try as they might to pretend otherwise, are poised for military alliance, while Obama's "world without nuclear weapons" national security policy is at work undermining America's ability to defend itself.

In the hopes of spurring a "denuclearization discipleship" in an increasingly dangerous world, Obama decided to emasculate the United States through disarmament. Barack's nuclear-free world mantra is devoid of "Peace through strength...trust but verify and beware of evil in the modern world." In a schoolyard full of bullies dying to take a shot at America's skull with a baseball bat, little Barry has chosen to come to the fight with a water pistol.
No, it's his teleology becoming a frightful reality in an increasing number of policy areas. It's why he's constantly bowing and scraping to our enemies, and poking a proverbial finger in the eye of our allies - he wants to be a hero, and considered the first American President that is a friend of our enemies...therefore, it shall be so. Never mind that there is absolutely no indication that that will ever be the case, and certainly not with the complete lack of leverage or even basic understanding found in our President. Teleology. Is this all making some more sense? I'm certainly illuminated. So what's the logical end result of this philosophy?
If common sense demands a logical policy decision, Barack Obama chooses the opposite. The pattern is this: In a quest to attain an ideological goal, the president ties the nation's hands behind its back in an intentional contribution to America's weakened condition. Whether at the treaty table or making policy decisions that affect everything from the American economy to a porous border, Obama seems willing to sacrifice lives and our way of life to promote a liberal ideology that looks increasingly as though its end goal includes the destruction of America.

We have a closing window of time to stop this radical Leftist liberal agenda, and it's going to take an enormous amount of pressure from the voting public on elected representatives. Personally, I don't find any use in contacting any elected Democrat -- over the past two years and many issues like Obamacare, the stimulus, etc., they've proven they're worthlessness in terms of standing on any principle whatsoever -- but go ahead if you're so inclined. Where it really counts is the pressure on Republicans.

They won a historical landslide election, and many of the junior members of their ranks are chomping at the bit to follow through with their campaign promises. But the leadership is entrenched in big government ways. They're really not much better than most of the Democrats. They need...persuasion. In the form of an avalanche of calls, e-mails, and visits. They need a constant drumbeat of smaller government and spending, less regulation and government meddling, stronger foreign policy. They need to fear the American people more than their friends, the Democrats.

It's going to take effort from you and me, the America people, to save America from our President. This is a good place to start.

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