Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Obama Appoints a Czar Czar

Remember Obama's 'czars'?  The President is allowed to appoint a group of advisors to manage the various aspects of the U.S. government.  The various Secretaries (Defense, Labor, Health and Human Services, etc.) function as high-level subject matter experts that advise the President to help him establish and modify national policy.  This is known as the Cabinet.  This is all very common, accepted practice, and pretty much every President has done it.  No problem.

Where Barack Obama left the ranch is in appointing not only his Cabinet, but also several dozen -- yes, several dozen -- advisors to also run specific aspects of national policy.  They're informally known as 'czars', and they include such wonderful people as...

Cass Sunstein

 --- Obama's Regulatory Czar; says America is too racist for socialism, and is an open Communist

Kevin Jennings

 --- Obama's Safe Schools Czar; wants to implement pro-gay curriculum for Kindergarteners, supports the North American Man/Boy Love Association, wrote the foreword for a book on pedophilia, defended the murder of someone in the name of standing up for gays,funded pornographic anti-Christian art displayed at Harvard, and is attacking the Boy Scouts of America and covering up the statutory rape of a minor

Ron Bloom

 --- Obama's Manufacturing Czar; promotes Communist mass-murderer Mao Tse-Tung

Anita Dunn

 --- Obama's White House Communications Director; told high school students in May 2009 that one of her favorite political philosophers was Communist mass-murderer Mao Tse Tung

Andy Stern

 --- Obama's most frequent visitor to the White House; President of SEIU (huge union organization), has visited the WH over 20 times in the past few months, is dedicated to building a global organization through the use of government power and intimidation, advocates redistribution of wealth

Susan Crawford

 --- Obama's Internet Czar; attempted to nationalize and control the entire Internet

Quentin Young

 --- Obama's long-time friend and personal physician; a dedicated Marxist and member of Communist organizations through the years, seeks government control over all health care in America

John Holdren

 --- Obama's top science adviser; advocates forced abortions and sterilizations, believes that a fetus will 'eventually' grow into a human being when it's a few years old

Carol Browner

 --- Obama's Climate Czar; radical socialist who was caught telling her people not to put anything in writing so that they could never be held accountable for anything, member of global organizations that demand wealthy countries ruin themselves to pay for poor countries' eco-development, also destroyed files in violation of a federal judge's order

And this is just a start. Many, many more czars are described here.

Alas, all of these czars are starting to become too much to manage, so Obama has had to make another appointment.  You just can't make this stuff up:

Thanks to a habit of disengagement on issues and a plethora of "czars" in his administration, Barack Obama had to tap Tom Gavin to manage his own Cabinet:

During the first two years of President Obama's term, the administration fully embraced just a few of his superstar picks – people such as Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and Education Secretary Arne Duncan. But many more agency chiefs conducted their business in relative anonymity, sometimes after running afoul of White House officials.

Both sides were deeply disgruntled. Agency heads privately complained that the White House was a "fortress" that was unwilling to accept input and that micromanaged their departments. Senior administration advisers rolled their eyes in staff meetings at the mention of certain Cabinet members, participants said. …

The larger mission is to make the dealings between the Cabinet and the White House more functional, several senior officials said. Daley, a former commerce secretary himself, has been calling agency heads for input, asking about the process over the past two years – and promising that it will change.

At the same time, the White House recently created the position of Cabinet communications director, appointing media adviser Tom Gavin to the job. The goal, according to the official statement, is "to better coordinate with and utilize members of the Cabinet" and is a "high priority."

In the past, the job title of the person tasked with coordinating utilizing members of the Cabinet was the President of the United States. Of course, in the past the American electorate hired a man with actual executive experience and success for the position, too. This is what happens when amateurs get hired and expect on-the-job training.

This amuses me greatly.  A Czar Czar?  Of course, why not?  It makes as much sense as any of these other czars.

And then it makes me furious.  Remember - these people are un-elected and, in most cases, not even approved by the Senate as the Constitution requires...and yet they are being paid exorbitant salaries and dictating the highest levels of American policy.  The fact that even Obama himself needs someone to help him keep track of them speaks volumes about how out of control it has become.

I can't wait until the next election.  This madness has to stop.

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