Friday, March 18, 2011

Is This What The Royals Have Come To?

It's no secret that I've never been a big fan of baseball.  I find it to be pretty dull, and it just rubs me the wrong way how these guys are so vastly overpaid for achieving a 30-35% success rate.  I'll freely admit to being a VERY fair-weathered fan in terms of the Royals in particular.  If they're doing well, sure, I'll pay a little bit of attention simply because they're the hometown team, and I do wish them success.  True, I enjoy the ballpark atmosphere every now and then, just for the ambiance of it...but it's not worth more than a few bucks per person to me to do so.  However, they've been so awful for so long that it's really just plain hard to get too excited about them.  I'm obviously no expert, but it has always struck me as curious that they seem to trade away all of their best players, too, but maybe I just don't understand the grand strategy that has ***cough, cough*** brought such tremendous success to the organization over the past quarter century.

I will also freely confess that their effort to create a fabulous and catchy phrase almost never fails to amuse me.  Catch the thrill?  I would, if there was one.  It's a hit?  If they could muster up a few, it might be.  There have been a bunch of them through the years based on some variation of belief...and if that's what they're relying on, it's no wonder they've sucked eggs for a very long time.

Nevertheless, this year's brand new marketing campaign seems to strike a definite low point.  I've heard multiple commercials on the radio now, and the primary selling point seems to be the fact that the Royals have ***drum roll, please*** the best farm team in the country.


If that's the best they've got, they might as well just cash it in now, right?  Yes, I understand that today's farm team is tomorrow's starting lineup...but come on.  Twenty bucks says they end up trading away two-thirds of this supposed magical farm team before they get brought up to the majors, anyway.

I hope they have a better year in 2011, I really do.  But someone seems to have been napping when they cut those commercials.  What a joke.

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