Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stalling Bedtime

Jon Acuff writes a blog called "Stuff Christians Like", and it's worth a daily look.  He has a unique way of illustrating real people and real life in a way that's simultaneously convicting, comforting, and humorous.  Today's post is one that certainly applies to our house, and I'm guessing yours, too:

My kids are like your kids, they don't like to go to bed.

They like to run as hard as they can, deny they are tired, and then collapse in a heap.

I thought I had all their bedtime stall tactics figured out. One more glass of water, one more story, one more imaginary bug that must be cleared from the room, less winged insect panic ensue, etc.

But then they launched a new offensive.

Right before I head back downstairs and shut the door, they've started to say, "Could I have one more hug please, Daddy?"


What am I some sort of no-hug-giving monster? Who can withstand that? What happens in that moment is you teeter at the door, knowing they're gaming you, but then you start to think about that song "Cat's in the Cradle" and think to yourself, "I bet they won't want hugs when they're teenagers. What if I die in my sleep and this is the last hug I get to give them? I better hug them while I can! Dust in the wind!"

So then you hug them one more time.

I thought that was it, I thought that was the peak of their game, but I was wrong. You know what an even better move is, especially on a Christian parent? When your kids say, "Could we pray one more time please?"

Now they're not stalling, they're soul searching. They're trying to be in the bed, but not of the bed.

Well played, children. Well played, indeed.

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