Friday, June 29, 2012

Message To GOP: Now Or Never

I had a gigantic long post all prepared, and then I came across a pair of links that pretty much summed up my sentiments.  I'll probably post the gigantic one in the next few days just to be thorough, but this open letter to the GOP from Drew at Ace of Spades resonated so strongly with me that it works for now (edited for language):

Dear GOP, 
This is your last chance. If you blow this, I'm out and you need to be destroyed.
What is it? Repeal ObamaCare on Day 1. Don't worry about replace, don't worry about anything else. We will do everything we have to drag your sorry asses over the line this fall, including electing Mitt F***ing Romney. 
In return this is what you will do: 
Instead of adjourning for pictures and tea and cake to celebrate getting your pathetic asses elected to 2 or 6 years on the government teet, you will immediately pass a one line bill that says, "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (and whatever statute number has to be included) is hereby repealed." 
That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. 
Since Congress meets before Inauguration Day, Obama will still be President. Simply hold the legislation at the desk so the 10 day pocket veto clock doesn't start. If other parliamentary BS is needed, just do it. 
Then as soon as Mitt takes the oath of office, before his speech no one will care or remember, walk the bill up to him at the podium to sign. 
If this does not happen, the GOP must be destroyed and a new party built to replace it. We've tried the carrot approach (votes, money, volunteers) to change your behavior. Now it's time to show you the stick. 
No more, "oh the other guys are worse" scare tactics. That might be true but it doesn't mean you are any good. 
This is your one job, do it or join the Whig Party in the dustbin of history.

I cannot agree more with this letter!!!

This is assuming a Romney win and a takeback of the Senate, of course.  If those things don't happen then I think the nation as we grew up in is all over but the shriveling process.  I'll address all of that more in the afore-mentioned gigantic post.

The point above, though, was expounded upon at Hot Air and Glen Beck:

Drew’s captured the mood of the base well in his post, I think. If the GOP ends up with the numbers to repeal O-Care, it’d be a catastrophic, possibly politically fatal betrayal at this point for them not to follow through. The fact that it was Roberts who swung to the left in today’s decision rather than the mercurial Kennedy only compounds conservatives’ trauma: At this point, a la Beck, it really does feel like there’s no one in a position of power who can be trusted. The last Republican president ran up big deficits and expanded health-care entitlements; the Republican chief justice he appointed just voted to uphold ObamaCare; and the current Republican nominee pioneered the concept of health-care mandates in Massachusetts. If a Republican-controlled Congress rubber-stamps Obama’s health-care leviathan by refusing to act on it, I don’t know what happens to turnout in 2014 and 2016. Good news for the No Labels crowd, I guess — that’ll be the closest America’s come yet to seeing a true third party develop.

If this doesn't fly, I'll be crowding Drew from behind.  I'm out.  Done.  Finished.  No more Republican for me.

I want this to become the new rallying cry of conservatives: This is your last chance, GOP.  Poop or get off the pot.  It's now or never.  If you don't get this right, you're out.  Or, rather, I'm out.

Is it too much to ask for honesty in representation?  Is it too much to expect that what is promised is what will be delivered?  Beck is right - much of Obama's problems are the result of unfulfilled promises, and Romney is facing the same decision should he win.  Many Republicans are saying the right things right now (including Romney), which is great.  But it's easy right now.  The problem is that I have zero confidence that when it becomes hard -- when they have both houses of Congress and the White House, and their votes to repeal will actually end in repeal -- they will follow through.

And that's the problem.  We've seen it too many times, especially over the last three years, and especially from people like Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell, and John Boehner.

I don't think I'm alone...far from it.  I think the base is so angered, frustrated, and, well, jilted right now that I genuinely believe the Republican party may be in some true trouble if they don't follow through on this immediately and with all strength possible.  It's still a long time until the election, so anything can happen...but we're talking foundational, structural, core beliefs that are at the heart of this political party, and it's time for a direction to be chosen, for good or for ill.

We'll see.  More details coming.

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