Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Liberal Revealed

It's one thing to put up a facade of civility and professionalism.  It's quite another to be civil and professional, even when people aren't looking.  One 'respectable' liberal who appears regularly on Fox as an analyst, Bob Beckel, just revealed what a typical liberal is like when he thinks no one is watching.  I wouldn't normally post this due to the F-bomb right there at the beginning (so yes, this is your NSFW language warning!), but I think that the entire thing is indicative of the political reality in this country today.  Watch the whole thing:

There's so much to learn here.  Witness how Beckel so easily and casually descended into personal attacks, to the point where he completely missed the countdown to go back on the air as well as Hannity saying "we're back".  He refuses to apologize until he realizes he's on the air live, and even then it's only a begrudging apology (and he more or less dismisses Hannity's offer to defend him).  After that, he sulks and refuses to engage.  I have no idea who the blond lady is, but she's dead on correct at 2:15 - why do liberals resort to personal attacks rather than the agenda, the issues, and the facts?

It's because their positions are bankrupt, they fail, and they cannot be defended in the realm of ideas, logic, and reality.  But, since they can't admit to that, they instead shoot for below-the-belt personal attacks.

My favorite part is where Beckel, busted live and on national TV, absolutely refuses to take responsibility for his own words.  It's not his fault, it's Hannity's for not using a bullhorn to shout over his own profanity-laced gutterspeak to 'let him know' he's on the air.

Oh yes, there's a lot to learn here...

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  1. Yeah, that was a teachable moment, --- for anyone who is willing to listen and be open minded. I am amazed that Fox still has him on every day. Any conservative would have been drawn and quartered for behaving this way.