Thursday, January 26, 2012

SOTU: The Socialist-In-Chief Copies Himself

Barack Obama offered the annual State of the Union speech Tuesday night (the official transcript can be found here).  I wasn't able to watch it myself, but from what I've read about sucked.  It was boring and recycled.  And that brings us to the first highlight of the Socialist-In-Chief's speech: it was the same speech as last year, and parts of it were used even further back than that.  Observe:

Can there be any better indicator that Barack Obama has no legitimate ideas to actually improve the economy, enable a strong national defense, and build a better America?

On the bright side, if it's the same speech as last year, at least then he doesn't need the teleprompter quite so much.

(Uh, well, actually, he does.  Never mind that last part...)

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