Monday, January 30, 2012

Global Warming Cooling Is Going To Get Us!

At what point can we safely relegate global warming nutcases to the looney bin of history?  As more and more 'real scientists' come out against the idea that humanity is causing the plant to heat up -- an idea largely irrelevant because the planet is no longer heating up -- it becomes a bigger and bigger waste of time and resources to deal with.  A recent study was released showing that not only has there not been any global warming for the last 15 years, but that now we're in danger of global cooling!  Really?  A complete and total 180 turnaround in what humanity is doing to the planet?  How do these people have any credibility anymore?  Oddly enough, the global cooling thing was a big crisis back in the 1970s...funny how the cycles of warming and cooling are eerily reminiscent of normal, typical, planetary cycles, don't you think?  To put a point on the waste occurring due to these erroneous policies, nothing could make the case more than the fact that so-called green energy companies continue to fail and go bankrupt.

After taking untold amounts of taxpayer dollars, of course.

But that's not the worst of it.  The EPA -- run by Obama's people, in conjunction with Obama himself -- is still bludgeoning the American economy with asinine policies in the name of global warming.  They're declaring themselves to have control of all water everywhere using the Clean Water Act.  This would allow the government to control everywhere there was standing water, including the puddles in your front yard.  They're declaring themselves to have control over the air via the CO2 in it while ignoring vast amounts of empirical data and common sense.  By claiming these things, the EPA is starting to enact policies supposedly aimed at saving the planet (from the non-existent threat of global warming that is now global cooling), but the dirty little secret is that they are simply trying to solidify control over you, me, and every other American.  And regardless of whether or not they succeed in gaining this control, they're doing vast amounts of damage to America along the way.

They're shutting down coal power plants (remember, coal provides over half of all the electricity throughout America), preventing hundreds of thousands of potential jobs in land-based oil drilling as well as off-shore.  Not only is this harming the economy in terms of job prevention, but it all adds up to lower supply which means higher costs for everyone at the pump, as well as continued increase in dependence on foreign sources of energy.  Bad news all around.  Plus, the EPA has been caught ignoring concerns and evidence that their policies are detrimentally affecting America.

Global warming is a hoax.  It has been proven so over the last couple of years, both based on the empirical evidence and on the fact that many of the scientists pushing it as a political policy have been caught lying, modifying data, and ignoring data as necessary in order to prop up their claims.  The swing back to global cooling should be the final nail in the coffin that humanity has little impact on the climate of this planet.  The fact that these environmentalist wackos are doing damage to the economy and real people's lives in the name of this hoax is unconscionable, and should no longer be tolerated.  These people and their ideas need to be rejected, and we need to get back to the business of safe, plentiful, inexpensive energy sources right here at home (of which there are virtually unlimited amounts), more good paying jobs in the energy industry, and an outright rejection of radical Leftist liberal policies and policy-makers like Obama and his EPA.

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