Thursday, October 13, 2011

Prosperity = Economic Freedom

I heard someone talking recently (though I don't recall who) that part of why liberals are fleeing from Obama now is that they're suddenly acutely aware of the failure of liberalism.  Think about it: liberals have gotten essentially everything they've ever wanted from Obama and the last couple years of Democrat leadership.  Universal health care, expanded government, vast new numbers of people dependent upon government, government by political whim rather than genuine justice, the hamstringing of the American military, ridiculous 'green' regulations, government bailouts and takeovers of the private sector, and so on.  It's their utopian wish list.

And yet...the economy is in the tank, jobs are scarce, people are unhappy, and things just aren't working right.

Nothing bursts a utopian bubble like actually getting what one wants, huh?

Anyway, these liberals are fleeing Obama now because he's been the one to grant them their wishes.  Rather than getting their gratitude, however, he's going to become their scapegoat.  He didn't do it fast enough, big enough, liberal enough, whatever.  The point is that rather than acknowledge their worldview as being a fundamentally flawed one which cannot possibly survive intact in the real world, they're going to blame Obama for messing it up, and turn on him.  Rather than let liberalism itself get tossed out, they're going to toss out the liberal who proved liberalism doesn't work.

Polls and fundraising both confirm this is happening, and that's causing me to still think that Obama isn't even going to run for a second term.

Regardless, here's another look at what's really going on:

Assuming the next video in the series is as good as this, I'll post it whenever it's released.

For a stark contrast in how liberals look at things with how things really are, the Obama administration is running around (ignoring economic reality due to its own policies) and trying to apologize for the U.S. ending WWII sixty years ago, calling for yet more racial divisiveness, ignoring its own corruption, and trying to sell its latest non-jobs jobs bill with idiotic and inflammatory rhetoric like this:

So if we don't pass this jobs bill (which is being tanked by Democrats, remember), that's going to result in more rape and murder?

Liberalism at its finest.

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