Thursday, October 27, 2011

More OWS Lunacy

The people conducting the Occupy Wall Street protest (as well as all the other offshoots in major cities around the country) are nuts.  Not only are they causing problems with increased crime -- including rape, sexual assault, theft, vandalism and wierd things -- but they're they're also defiling the American flag while they practice their Marxist brainwashingNazis and Communists are loving it.  So is our President***CONNECT-THE-DOTS-WARNING!!!***

But don't forget they're the patriotic ones, mm-kay?

As these morons continue to cause trouble and get bolder by the day, we're learning more and more about who they are.  For example, many of these loons are former ACORN people.  That's right, they're the very same folks who stole defrauded campaigned for Barack Obama back in 2008, and the same organization in which the President himself planted his community organizing roots.

Barack Obama, Democrats, and the media (sorry for the redundancy) are trying desperately to paint OWS with the same brush as the Tea Party, but beyond being large groups of people gathering to protest, they're really nothing alike.  Come to think of it, the OWS protests really aren't that big, so I guess it's a total strike out in terms of similarities after all.

Perhaps the most disturbing reality about these people is that they're getting violent.  In city after city after city around the country, they're not only causing problems by remaining gathered in public areas for weeks, but they're actively perpetrating violent crimes and forcing police crackdowns and mass arrests.  This is no surprise, really, because some of the leaders have actually publicly called for violence (and socialism).  It's also come to light that there are links to terrorism among the OWS leadership (I guess that explains the flag defiling).

In reality, what is being portrayed as 'the 99%' rising up against The Man is really little more than an excuse to cause mindless mayhem by the angry political Left.  Whereas the Tea Party has a simple theme in every gathering (smaller government, fiscal responsibility), the OWS nutcases can't even decide on any particular set of demands.  They do seem pretty much agreed on wanting everything to be handed to them for free simply because they want it, though:

As humorous as this idiot may be, the problem we face is that these people genuinely believe they're entitled to your money for their pleasure.  They're just protesting because they feel like you're not giving them what they should have.  They don't have any logical reason for the platitudes they're spouting, and once someone bothers to ask them some pointed questions, that becomes clear in a hurry.  Here's another terrific example, this time by an actual CEO:

Wow.  It would be hilarious if these people weren't dead serious.

For a great roundup on just a handful of the more common demands, check out this Heritage blog post

All of this is a great example of a purely politically generated, artificial fringe movement with no real leg to stand on, but if you really stop to think about what kind of massive disconnect these people have with reality to be doing and saying these things, you start to get a feel for the monumental task of restoring sanity to this nation.

We'd better get started... 

PS -'s spreading throughout the galaxy...!  Noooooooooo....!!!!

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