Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Snapshot Of My Work Life

The fun never stops...

An instant message conversation with one of my end users today (anonymization has been applied to protect the innocent and the stupid):

Jack: Good morning Brandon
Jack: Still havent heard anything on request 123456789
Jack: It shows assigned and I believe its with Joe Smith
Jack: Was placed back on 08/19/2011
Jack: :-(
Me: Have you checked with him?
Jack: Oh...Thats a thought :-)

Yes, yes it is a thought.  A very good thought, and one worth having.  In fact, it would have been worth having before contacting me about it.  The really ridiculous part is that this guy actually did go the extra mile - most people don't even bother to find out who their requests are assigned to.


How long is it until I finish my MBA again??

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