Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Irony Can Be Pretty Ironic Sometimes

I was working on my computer the other night while my wife was watching the Oprah surprise show, and I couldn't help overhearing parts of it. There were lots of big stars from Hollywood, TV, and so on, all there to wish Oprah well and send her off with a bang. Many offered a few kind words about how meaningful Oprah's example had been to them.

Madonna spoke of how influential Oprah had been for young girls all over the world, and one little girl on the stage said that Oprah had inspired her that she could be President someday. Beyonce came out and echoed the sentiment by leading the crowd in a chant about how powerful women were. It was a great girl-power moment that all females could be proud of, celebrating just how far women had come in society over the past quarter century, due in part to Oprah's fabulous success. The inspiration conjured up images of women and girls rising up, throwing off the mental and emotional shackles of centuries of serving men barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen, utterly rejecting age-old perceptions that women were little more than sex trinkets to be oogled and objectified.

And then...

...Beyonce launched into an energetic song and dance routine full of scantily clad females thrusting their hips, shaking their groove-thangs, rolling around on the floor groping themselves, and generally objectifying themselves by acting like oogle-worthy sex trinkets.

Anyone else see the irony here?


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