Monday, May 9, 2011

Hilarity Ensues

A while back some very good friends of ours introduced us to a tremendously talented guy named Jim Gaffigan who had a strange and inventive perspective on Hot Pockets. It was quite unforgettable, and our kids still offer up a melodious 'hot pockeeeeeet...!' every now and then. Gaffigan is a top-notch comedian, and one of the most hilarious people I've ever watched. He has a way of capturing the minutiae of real life from a quirky perspective that lends itself well to hilarity. Here's a small sample:

There's much, much more. If you have a Netflix subscription, he's got at least two full DVDs that you can get right away, and both are hysterical from start to finish. Check 'em out, and enjoy!

PS - you'll never look at Hot Pockets -- or cake, or bacon, or polar bears -- the same way again...

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