Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Is Why They Play The Game, Part 2

With everything at stake today, it seemed likely that at least one big upset was going to happen, maybe more.


Not a single one.  The scores, at least at the moment:

#1 Alabama 42, #16 Missouri 16 (final)
#2 Oregon 51, #7 Arizona 13 (final)
#3 TCU 55, Iowa State 3 (final)
#4 FSU 37, #11 Georgia Tech 35
#5 OSU 52, #13 Wisc 0
#6 Baylor 38, #9 KSU 27 (final)

Not a single upset.  *sigh*

So, for K-State, it's a 9-3 finish to the year, and the promise of an above average bowl game.  It works, though I would say the theme of this year is missed opportunities.  They spotted Auburn 19 points and lost a marquee game that they really should have won.  Against TCU and Baylor, they just came up short when it counted.  Too many penalties, too many mistakes.  They didn't deserve either of those wins, unfortunately.  Brace yourself for another building year after losing Waters, Lockett, and a lot of other solid players.

Now, here's the silver lining.  As mentioned in the previous post, the TCU/Baylor mess is going to cause a whole lot of fury either way.  This sort of scenario is just about the most explosive scenario for the inaugural playoff system short of not having an SEC team in the mix at all (alas, Mizzou, I was genuinely rooting for you tonight...!).  The other factor here is Ohio State's obliteration of a very good Wisconsin team using their third string QB.  The talking heads are already talking about OSU jumping over both of the teams from the Big 12.  There are good arguments all around, not only endorsing one's own team, but also in gashing holes in the arguments of the others in the mix.  I don't envy the playoff committee - no matter what they decide, they're going to royally anger a lot of people who will be very right to be angry.

Regardless, hopefully all the gnashing of teeth will mean an immediate expansion to eight teams next year, and a clause that only league champions will be considered for automatic berths out of the Power 5 conferences (the others would be at large spots for the next three best teams regardless of conference).  Give me those changes for next year, and I think we're really talking some good stuff.

We'll see...

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