Saturday, December 28, 2013

KSU Wins!

Here's the short version...

Michigan is a storied program with lots of history and a bit of a snooty attitude, like USC, Alabama, or Notre Dame. But, they've lost something like five of their last six games, and they're without their starting QB. There's a lot of potential psychological damage waiting to happen if things go badly early on, especially to an upstart like K-State. Also, their O line has been pretty bad this year, so if the Cat D is on point they could have a field day (especially with a true freshman QB standing in on short notice). KSU, on the other hand, comes into the game with confidence, winning five of their last six games and with everything humming along smoothly. Plus, the biggest monkey on KSU's back -- not winning a bowl game in over 10 years -- has been discussed in the open, and is actually a major motivation.

Bottom line: KSU Wins, 34-20

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