Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Claire-Bear Is In Deep Trouble, So Is Obama

Via RedState:

If you're a Democrat, then the latest poll from Mason-Dixon should not be combined with alcohol and/or used in conjunction with heavy machinery: she's not just losing.  John Brunner beats her 52/41; Sarah Steelman, 49/42; and Todd Akin 49/44.  And that's registered voters.  These are the kinds of numbers that you'd expect to see from a challenger; an incumbent that far underwater needs an exit strategy, quick.  Guess the Democrats guessed wrong on how quickly McCaskill was going to fade.


Buh-bye, you sycophantic Kool-Aid drinking hack.

But it's not just here in Missouri, and it's not just McCaskill.  It's bad for a lot of Dems out there.  In fact, it's so bad that the Obama campaign is pleading for contributions so desperately that even the New York Times noticed.  It's even resorted to having The One posting a video of contributing to his own campaign so people know how to do it.  I'm not sure what that says about what he perceives is the intelligence level of his voting base, but it certainly does say something about the state of his campaign.

Oh, and maybe they shouldn't add gay marriage to their official platform for the 2012 election.  Then again, why quit with the radical Leftism now?  If you're going to get blown out, you might as well get blown out in historic proportions.  If they keep going, it's possible.

You know, I'm still not terribly happy about Romney being the GOP nominee, and I'm still skeptical at just how serious he is to implement genuinely conservative policies if he were to win the election.  I hope he will do what he's saying right now, but I'll only believe it when he signs the papers.  That's not unique - most people (on both sides of the aisle) seem to be supporting the lesser of two evils this time around.  But...Romney seems to be hitting all the right notes, saying all the right things, and really resonating with an American people that has not only become concerned at the overall direction of the country but also realized they can do something about it.  GOP voters are far more enthusiastic about the coming election, and the only polls that show Obama even with or ahead of Romney right now do so by oversampling Democrat voters.  Democrats are in panic and are flinging ever more ridiculous things against the wall in the hopes that something -- ANYthing -- will stick, and as long as Romney keeps his cool and keeps his priorities straight, he should be in good shape for November.  It's still a very long time until the election and anything could still happen, but if the current trends continue it's going to get very, very ugly.

In a very, very beautiful way.

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