Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You Didn't Build That

I had to post at least something on this because it may very well turn out to be one of the pivotal moments of the 2012 campaign.  Here's what started it:

Hm, okay.  This is reminiscent of his "spread the wealth around" statement in 2008 in that it really pulls back the covers of what Barack Obama truly believes about America and how it works.  Mainly, that it isn't about what an individual chooses to do, what an individual works hard to accomplish, or what an individual earns for himself or herself, but rather it's about the collective.  This is the fundamental difference we've examined many times before between the equality of outcomes versus the equality of opportunity.  And yes, it is a big difference:

This ad is subdued in its tone, but the message is an all-out assault on the socialist/Marxist tendencies of Obama, and it resonates with the American spirit that still exists in so many people.  The Obama campaign's response to this bulls-eye is that his statement was "taken out of context":

Out of context?  Really?

Even if we grant that he's talking about the building of roads and bridges (which is a subjective grant at best), the logic still isn't there.  If building roads and bridges were what made businesses successful, why would any business located next to a road fail?  Similarly, if all it took to make a successful business was a road or bridge, why isn't the government out there building hundreds of new roads and bridges into the vast stretches of undeveloped land in this country in order to stimulate the economy?  And where did the government get the money to build those roads and bridges in the first place?  From the taxpayers, or, in other words, from the people running businesses.  Americans were building successful businesses all over the nation before the government started making paved roads and fancy bridges.  This backtrack is absolutely ridiculous, and anyone who understands business understands that.  Here's how Mitt Romney described it:

Kind of hard to see how he took it out of context, don't you think?

And Romney's right about the bottom line, too.  It does take a lot of people to help get a business off the ground and on its way, but it's not about the collective and the state - it's about the people who own and manage that business, using their God-given talents as well as skills and knowledge learned from those teachers and other mentors throughout life to make it all work.

Watch this one.  I think it could be significant in November.

Here are a couple of bonus videos to more fully flesh things out.  If you want to see the Obama campaign's full (nonsensical) video response, check out this video:

Here's Hot Air's on-the-spot analysis of one of the key lines:

The other money line from Ms. Cutter, however, ran thusly: “Apart from the flagrant hypocrisy, these attack ads make you wonder: Does he even understand how our economy works? We build our businesses through hard work and initiative with public and private sectors working together to create a climate that helps us grow. President Obama knows that.” Wow. I can’t fathom why they’re so eager to invite such obvious counter-punches, but here it is — President Obama’s policies have been running this economy for well over three years, and it is still in shambles. In fact, practically every indicator is currently heralding the United States’ decline back into recession, and no amount of “headwinds” or “inherited problems” is going to help Obama save face on that one. 
Americans are hurting, and despite all of the Obama campaign’s attacks against Romney’s business record, it’s getting less easy to convince them that Obama is an effective steward of the economy. These days, with all of our big-government rules and regulations, it feels like the private sector is more often fighting the public sector for survival than working with it, and President Obama’s solutions always seem to involve more government.

The bottom line is that these statements aren't gaffes...they're insights into the radical Leftist ideology that's fueling Barack Obama and his minions.

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