Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Decline Of Obamanomics

Yay for Obamanomics!!!  Here's Drudge at the moment:


Further down we see these groups of links:


Anyone with half a brain and the willingness to see reality knows this is the inevitable result of Obama's policies, but we usually see it play out over the course of months, years, or decades - it's downright creepy to watch happen in the space of one or two days.

Bottom line: how's that compromise working out for you now, Republican squishes?  You keep telling yourselves that you 'had to do something' and that this was 'just the first step' if you want to.  The rest of us living out here in the real world are angry, frustrated, and completely unsurprised.  On top of that, we're befuddled at what it's going to take for you people to grow a spine and get serious about actually doing something productive and helpful rather than merely looking like you're doing something productive and helpful.

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